Maiden Voyage

February was a fun and active month for us!!!

Some friends had recently purchased a boat.  I believe their main focus is to use it for fishing, but also to go to the nearby islands for a day at the beach. Actually, I think their main focus is to have fun anywhere.

We were lucky enough to be invited to go on its maiden voyage to the local islands for a fun day of swimming and eating.


Jim enjoying the ride.

Our friend will have a local boat captain on board for the foreseeable future so he can learn the waters from him.  The waters are not marked and it is my understanding that the GPS does not show the small rocks. All I know is that it is a really smart move on the part of the boat owner to do this.

We met at the local marina and boarded ship.  Our first stop was Isla Bolanos.  They say there is good snorkeling at these beaches.

Me and another – swimming to the beach as Isla Bolanos.

The water is clear and the sand is white.  After a bit we decided to go to Isla Gamez, a short boat ride away.  Here is another really pretty beach, but the snorkeling is not as good.  We all brought food to share and had quite a feast.  By the time we got to Gamez the weather had cleared and it was a beautiful sunny day.

A mystery friend – that is one way to protect from the sun!

Snorkeling at Isla Gamez



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