Floating Gualaca Canyon

Friends invited us to join them and another couple (who are Russian and were renting a home for a couple months) for lunch in Boquete and then to swim, or float, the Gualaca Canyon.

We went to an Italian restaurant that is above the town with a pretty creek running next to it. Good food and a really great setting.


After lunch we headed the scenic back-way home, but instead, turned off at Gualaca to head to the canyon.

Gualaca Canyon

This is fresh water and a pretty area. The locals are amazing how they can climb up the rocks, and do it in just seconds.  It was almost more fun to watch them climb and jump in than for me to swim.  I did really enjoy the fresh water though.

A local kid climbing up a canyon!!

We had the not so brilliant idea to swim against the current so that we could re-float back down the canyon (instead of getting out, walking a short distance, get back in the water and float).  Let me tell you that current is strong.  Granted I am not a swimmer by any means, but my friend is.  I was first to reach near where we got in and I said, “boy, the current is strong here, I can’t go any further.”  My friend gives me a look like “how hard can it be?”  She gets next to me and is also amazed at the strong current.  We had to re-float from there, but first we had to take a breather.

The three of the six that swam.

It was a really fun day.  We love learning about new areas to see and things to do.



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