To Tint or Not To Tint

We say NOT!!  At least not super dark.

I posted about our purchase of a vehicle here in Panama.  As mentioned in that post, the young lady added tinted windows, along with a bigger and louder alarm system.

Car - the day we purchased it. Note the tinted windows.

Car – the day we purchased it. Note the tinted windows.

After living with the car for a day (almost literally) we realized that the alarm was a pain in the tush.  It went off all the time (false alarms) and was loud.  The spec alarm is just fine – in our opinion.

As to the tint, we really liked it.  We didn’t have to wear sunglasses, we were incognito, and it kept the car cool (though we weren’t to appreciate that aspect until later).  A drawback was that I’d wave or smile and no one could see.

Again, we liked the tint until we drove for the first time at night!!! OH MY GOSH.  We could hardly see even with the brights on.  I do have to say a contributing factor were the dashboard lights. They are so bright (and blue) that it added to the difficultly of seeing at night, to the point where sometimes we’d lay my purse against the dash to cover it.  We looked to dim the dashboard lights and after much research find out that this car does not have an adjustable dashboard light. You’ve got to be kidding.  Sooo, putting those two factors together – super duper dark tint and super duper bright dashboard lights – we decided there will be no night time driving.  The only night driving we allow ourselves is just in the local Boca Chica area once in a while (so that we can actually go out now and then).

For months we’ve been talking about taking the tint off.  Jim even you tubed the process.  Well, it was getting down to the wire.  We knew that we would have to drive at night, from David to home.  So time was of the essence to get that tint off.  I “threatened” that I’d stay in a hotel and he could come pick me up the next day.

The other day was “the day.”  (That was actually back in mid-December).  Jim reviewed the video, prepped the supplies and got to it, doing the windshield only.  The removal process worked like a charm.  I was so excited.  We then drove to David for errands and learned a few important things:  1) we noticed that without the tint the front seat area is (very) significantly warmer.  Definitely need to wear lots of sunscreen and need the AC on more.  2)  We used to be able to drive with no sunglasses, now we need them. 3) The tint from the front side windows needs to be removed.  It being so dark and now having to wear sunglasses makes seeing out the side windows difficult.

Here are some pics of the process.  Jim is such a handy guy.  I am so lucky.

Black plastic garbage bag over the tint.

Black plastic garbage bag over the tint.

Tint removal.

Tint removal.

And the tint is off!

And the tint is off!

It will be much nicer driving at night now.

It will be much nicer driving at night now.




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