The Dentist Appointment(s)

Back in early September we had an appointment for a dental cleaning and check up.  We found the dentist by asking around the expat community.  On the day of our appointment as we approach the Pan-American Hwy we find that it is closed due to protesters.  This is my understanding of the situation – the indigenous people are upset that a dam was built. Although the dam is completed they still continue to protest their displeasure by periodically blocking the highway and roads.  We didn’t know how long this protest was going to last so turned around and went home.  Called the dentist office to explain as best we could in our Spanish. Subsequently we heard from someone that maybe that dentist isn’t quite so good (just one opinion though, many people were happy with him). However, I decided I was on the hunt for a dentist again.

A few weeks after that we were in David having lunch after running errands.  A gringo couple came in and sat at a table near us.  At one point I heard the man tell the lady about his dentist and how much he likes her and what a good dentist he thinks she is.  I tell Jim I’m going to ask him who his dentist is.  Jim says “no, don’t ask he’ll think you were eavesdropping.”  Well, I guess I was eavesdropping, but by accident, they were sitting right there! I go over and say I heard him mention a dentist and that we are new to the area and looking for a dentist would he mind giving me her name. He was happy to.

A few days letter I whatsapped the dentist for an appointment – yes that’s right, I contacted the dentist directly.  In many instances you get the dentist/doctor’s actual cell number, not an office number.  She texted back that her assistant would be contacting me to make an appointment. The assistant contacted us that day and we made an appointment.

Her office is in one of the local private hospitals (versus the public hospital), as are many of the doctors’ offices.  Jim went right in to his appointment and I swear was out about 20 minutes later.  I went in and was out 20 minutes later.  She saw us both for a check up (no x-rays) and a cleaning in under an hour! Here the doctor does the actual cleaning. She was good, but tough. My mouth and gums were sore for a few days afterwards, but feel that we got a good cleaning. We will definitely go back to her for our next check up.



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