Our First Thanksgiving

We experienced our first Thanksgiving in our newly retired life here in Panama.  We were invited to a friend’s home for Thanksgiving, as were pretty much all the expats. Thanksgiving can be a time of thanks for anyone, whether you are American or not.

He and his wife host Thanksgiving every year. They supply the turkey and the invitees bring all the fixings.   The original invite was to their home.  They have a huge covered outdoor kitchen and sitting area which is open on three sides.  Due to the tropical storm (soon to be hurricane Otto) high winds and rain were forecasted.  Being open on three sides would be not be good in that situation, so the gathering was moved to another location.  This beautiful spot is set in lush gardens and is closed on three side – much better for any winds and rain that may develop.

It was a fun time with wonderful friends and great food, and no wind.

One of my favorite highlights – as Jim and I are driving to the party, Jim says “This is the first time I’ve worn flip flops on Thanksgiving.”  Boy have some things changed for us!!!!



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